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From aerospace to energy to shipbuilding — Nova Scotia’s leader in Industrial Manufacturing since 1971

Atlantic Hardchrome has grown — in size, specialized expertise and capacity — from being the very first industrial hard chrome plating company in Atlantic Canada, to one of the most comprehensive industrial manufacturing operations, serving customers in Canada, the United States and Europe from its modern Burnside Campus. Please scroll down for our services or click here to read more of the Atlantic Hardchrome story.


Aerospace Plating & Machining

Atlantic Hardchrome delivers cost effective solutions to refurbishing or remanufacturing worn or damaged aerospace parts completely on-site with the following plating options:

  • Electroless Nickel
  • Passivation
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Phosphate


  • with our CNC mills (3 with 4 axis, and 2 with 5 axis);
  • with our four CNC lathes (3 with live tool); and
  • with our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex CMM with fully-programmable 3D coordinate measuring that delivers increased accuracy, speed and temperature compensation. Printed QA inspections including first article inspections are supplied.

Alodine (Chromate Conversion)

Alodine/Chem Film Capabilities

This procedure chemically applies a protective chromate coating on aluminum through immersion.
Chromate Coating benefits:

  • Good corrosion protection
  • Excellent conductive surface
  • Good primer for painting
  • Adds no weight
  • Maintains pre-process dimensions

CNC Manufacturing Services

Atlantic Hardchrome’s CNC milling and turning services are supported by a fully-equipped conventional machine shop, as well as cylindrical & surface grinding operations.

  • Our largest vertical CNC mill can machine parts up to 84″ x 32″ x 30″.
  • Our largest CNC lathe can turn parts 62″ diam. x 156″.
  • Our newest lathe features live tooling and is able to machine complex parts in one setup. It can handle parts up to 14000 lbs.
  • Our CNC mills offer 4 axis and 5 axis machining.

We excel at complex projects that require parts machining and complementary applications like hard chrome plating.

Corrosion Testing

Atlantic Hardchrome’s Singleton Corrosion Test Chamber allows us to provide accurate corrosion tests for Salt Fog, Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS), Humidity and other influences.

This allows us to provide corrosion test trials for components that will be in harsh environments and to prove our plating procedures for Nickel plating and Alodine (Chromate Conversion).

Atlantic Hardchrome's Singleton Corrosion Test Chamber

Equipment Rebuilding

Having all of Atlantic Hardchrome’s services located on our campus in the Burnside Industrial Park means that we can rebuild anything from a simple hydraulic cylinder to a large chip feeder, blower or gearbox — on site.

A prime example of Atlantic Hardchrome’s equipment rebuilding and remanufacturing services is our expertise in the restoration of rotary chip feeders and blowers. Used mainly in wood processing industries to convey wood chips in pneumatic conveyor systems, Atlantic Hardchrome can restore worn units to their original specifications and tolerances.

Our rebuilt units can outlast the life expectancy of the OEM originals.


At Atlantic Hardchrome we provide a complete grinding service, including external, internal, cylindrical and surface grinding.

Grinding is an essential step in the process of remanufacturing components that will subsequently require hard chrome plating.

  • Grinding prepares worn surfaces for the application of plating.
  • Grinding is also used in the post-plating finishing process to achieve tight toleranced dimensions.
  • Grinding & plating is an excellent repair option preventing early wear and possible damage.

Cylindrical grinding: 48″ swing with a 144″ stroke
Internal diameter grinding: 24.5″ swing with a 16″ stroke
Vertical spindle grinder: 48″ height with a 55″ diameter capacity
Offset grinders: for grinding crankshafts and eccentric diameters

Hydraulic Sales & Service


At Atlantic Hardchrome we provide complete hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder remanufacturing services.

We can disassemble the cylinder and remanufacture the components to original specifications. Cylinders are then reassembled and pressure tested to ensure trouble-free service. Our shop includes a clean room assembly area and pressure test bench. Cylinder remanufacturing is a cost effective alternative to replacing worn cylinders.

Cylinder Remanufacturing


At Atlantic Hardchrome we can build custom hydraulic cylinders for hundreds of different applications.

Whether your application is offshore or in the plant, large or small, we can build a cylinder to suit your specific requirements.


Atlantic Hardchrome has an extensive inventory of component parts, packing and seals, chrome shafting and cylinder tubing for all your hydraulic and cylinder requirements.

Atlantic Hardchrome Hydraulic Parts Sales display

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial hard chrome plating is a process by which chromium is applied to a base metal resulting in an extremely hard, wear and corrosion resistant surface. Atlantic Hardchrome plating can restore worn or damaged parts to service and extend the life of new parts.

Although our plating expertise is now renowned in the aerospace and energy fields, we remain true to the clients and markets that launched our core business back in 1971 — from Construction and Agriculture to the Fisheries, Forestry, Mining, Manufacturing, Resource Exploration, Rail, Shipping and Transportation sectors.

Atlantic Hardchrome’s Burnside Industrial Park facility is the most versatile, comprehensive and experienced plating operation in Atlantic Canada.

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating before and after photo
Atlantic Hardchrome's Burnside Industrial Park Campus (aerial photo)


From a single lathe providing in-house support for our original plating operation back in the 1970s, our 32,000 square foot facility now includes:

  • large capacity engine lathes,
  • milling machines,
  • a horizontal boring mill,
  • hollow spindle oilfield lathes,
  • honing machines,
  • cylindrical and surface grinding, and
  • CNC turning and milling (see also Large Turning Centre).

Nickel Plating

Sulfamate nickel is deposited from a nickel sulfamate bath, and is the most widely used electrolytic nickel. It can be plated on a wide variety of substrates including chilled irons, various steel alloys, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, copper and brass.

Widely used in Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial applications, Nickel Sulfamate plating is ideal for repairing worn or damaged housings, bearing areas and seal areas because it is a pure deposit that allows soldering and brazing during subsequent assembly steps. It is normally a dull grey to dull silver color depending upon the required finish of the plated part.

Atlantic Hardchrome Nickel Plating

Portable Line Boring

Atlantic Hardchrome’s experienced and well-equipped line boring technicians can service equipment at your site or in our shop. (See also welding, machining and grinding services.)

Welding (CWB certified to CSA standard W47.1)

Atlantic Hardchrome’s MIG, TIG, Aluminum and Submerged Arc (SAW) welding competencies and facilities allow us to deliver complete solutions to complex repair projects, both provincially in Nova Scotia and regionally in the Maritimes, Maine and the rest of the Northeast.

Submerged Arc Welding is a cost-effective procedure for repairing damaged shafts.

Atlantic Hardchrome Welding


Defence Sector Services

Atlantic Hardchrome’s multi-disciplinary team offers in-depth experience and understanding of most ships’ mechanical components.

Our strip and survey service includes:

  • strip,
  • survey,
  • NDT,
  • repair and manufacturing schemes
  • and equipment rebuild scopes.

This can include refurbishing or manufacturing new components. With our comprehensive in-house capabilities we are able to control all aspects of the processes that are required from our Defence customers.

Everything stays in our facility. All Under One Roof.

Large Turning Centre

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest CNC turning centers and manual lathes, enabling us to offer efficient and precise machining services.

We boast one of the largest turning centres with live tooling in Canada. Our extensive equipment capacity allows us to tackle designs both large in diameter and long in length.

Atlantic Hardchrome has a 50-year history of firsts in Nova Scotia and the Northeastern United States — unmatched industry leadership that’s underpinned by world-class customer service, attention to detail, exacting craftsmanship and fast turnaround.


Atlantic Hardchrome Limited

5 Notting Court, Burnside Industrial Park
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1N2 Canada

Atlantic Hardchrome 1971-2021

More about us

In 1971, Atlantic Hardchrome was the first industrial hard chrome plating company in Atlantic Canada. Since then, our family owned and operated business has expanded to become a comprehensive industrial manufacturing operation, providing value and superior service to customers in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Repair solution advantages

When machinery wears out or breaks down, waiting for replacement parts means lost production and profits — Atlantic Hardchrome’s -repair, -rebuild and -restore solutions are often less costly and delivered faster than buying and waiting for new OEM parts.

Call us toll-free at +1-800-565-3606 to find out how we can help.

Doing it right the first time — every time

Atlantic Hardchrome’s quality system ensures that every aspect of our business is focused on providing excellence in both service and workmanship for our customers.

Our attention to detail and quality attitude means that every job, regardless of size, receives careful attention from design to delivery.

You can count on us to keep your business running.

View and download Atlantic Hardchrome’s Quality Assurance Documentation here.

Experience in YOUR industry

Whether your business is Agriculture, Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Energy, Fishing, Forestry, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Shipbuilding or Transportation, Atlantic Hardchrome has:

  • half a century of expertise,
  • thousands of successful projects,
  • state of the art equipment in one facility,
  • certified quality assurance,
  • expert sales, service, design, technical and support staff.