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Industry Overview

The aerospace industry demands precision and reliability. As commercial airlines connect the world and space missions explore beyond our planet, Atlantic Hardchrome has consistently met these needs. With decades of experience in aerospace machining, we've focused on providing dependable, safe, and precise solutions.

Commercial Aviation

Transporting pedestrians globally

Commercial aircraft are marvels of modern engineering, capable of transporting millions of passengers with impressive efficiency and safety. Every facet, from the sleek exteriors to the complex interiors, underscores the need for unparalleled precision and reliability.

Flight Systems & Components

Aiding in Seamless Journeys

Atlantic Hardchrome specializes in aerospace machining of key components crucial to commercial aircraft. From propulsion system parts to landing elements, we guarantee precision and longevity, ensuring each flight is as safe as it is smooth.

Space Exploration

The Final Frontier

Whether it's satellites orbiting our planet or ambitious missions to distant celestial bodies, the stakes are high, and the engineering challenges of aerospace machining are even higher.

Satellite & Launch Equipment

Bridging Earth and Cosmos

Producing components for space missions demands meticulous attention to detail. At Atlantic Hardchrome, we provide essential aerospace machining services such as machining propulsion parts and incorporating treatments for wear and thermal resistance.

Comprehensive Aerospace Manufacturing Services

Harnessing our expertise across the broad spectrum of aerospace, Atlantic Hardchrome offers a diverse suite of specialized services:

  • Component Repair: Ensuring every part functions to its optimal capacity with precision and reliability.
  • CNC Aerospace Machining: Employing state-of-the-art technology for accurate and consistent production.
  • Conventional Machining and Grinding: Tailoring our processes to meet the unique demands of aerospace components.
  • Plating Repair: Including hard chrome, nickel, electroless nickel, silver, chromate conversion, and cadmium treatments to enhance component durability.
  • CMM Inspection: Guaranteeing utmost precision and adherence to aerospace specifications.
  • NDT Inspection: Offering Non-Destructive Testing to Transport Canada levels, assuring component integrity and safety.

We don’t just offer services; we understand the intricate needs of the aerospace sector. Through our collaborations with industry leaders and our consistent emphasis on quality and aerospace machining precision, Atlantic Hardchrome stands as a trusted partner for commercial aviation and space exploration endeavors.

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