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Industry Overview

The scope of the Agriculture and Food Processing sectors spans from the cultivation of crops to the processing and packaging of consumable goods. This intricate network necessitates a varied array of machinery, each designed for a specific purpose and function. From the robust machines handling the rigours of the fields to the precise instruments ensuring the safety and efficiency of food processing equipment, each piece plays a crucial role in sustaining these sectors.

As the industries evolve and technology advances, the machinery also needs to keep pace. Both the agriculture and food processing sectors require a relentless pursuit of innovation, which manifests in the development of new food manufacturing equipment or the improvement of existing machines. The ability to adapt and progress in this dynamic landscape is pivotal in ensuring the continued prosperity of these sectors.

To meet these demands, specialized machining solutions are crucial. From crafting new components to rejuvenating worn-out parts, the focus is on boosting productivity, enhancing operational efficiency, and prolonging equipment lifespan. The core commitment lies in achieving excellence in every project, be it optimizing a harvester's functionality or improving the efficiency of a food packaging line. To meet these demands, specialized machining solutions are crucial.

Agriculture Machines

Cultivating Success in the Field

Agriculture forms the foundation of our society and our economy. It's a diverse industry that requires robust, efficient, and reliable machinery to keep up with the rigorous demands of farming. At Atlantic Hardchrome, we provide precise and durable machining services tailored to the needs of the agricultural industry.

Farming Equipment

The Heart of Agriculture

Farming machinery, such as tractors, combines, harvesters, and bailers, are integral to the agriculture industry. They face constant wear and tear from soil contact, weather, and heavy workloads. Our machining and repair solutions ensure the reliability of your equipment, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

We specialize in CNC machining, conventional machining and grinding, and the repair of obsolete equipment. We also manufacture components to spec and offer CMM and NDT inspection. Moreover, our expertise extends to cylinder repair, design, and manufacture. For machinery components that see constant rotation, we manufacture rotors and shafts and repair rotating equipment. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that your agricultural operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Food Processing

Optimizing the Lifeline of the Industry

Food processing is an essential industry that transforms raw agricultural products into goods fit for consumption. This sector requires food manufacturing equipment that is durable, hygienic, and efficient. With Atlantic Hardchrome's dedicated machining services, you can achieve and maintain the highest standards in your operations.

Food Manufacturing Equipment

Essential for Production

Food processing equipment, including grinders, mixers, and packing machines, is crucial for efficient operations. These machines require high-quality, durable components to maintain optimum productivity and ensure food safety.

Our machining services cater to all stages of food processing, from initial sorting and cleaning to packaging and distribution. We specialize in nickel plating for corrosion resistance to ensure your food manufacturing equipment performs optimally, complies with food safety regulations, and lasts longer.

Comprehensive Machining Services for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries

At Atlantic Hardchrome, our expertise extends across various domains with a wide array of specialized services tailored to the needs of the agriculture and food processing industries. We offer:

  • CNC machining
  • Conventional machining and grinding
  • Cylinder repair, manufacture, and design
  • Nickel plating for corrosion resistance
  • Hard chrome plating for wear resistance
  • Repair of obsolete food processing equipment
  • Component manufacture to spec
  • CMM inspection
  • NDT inspection
  • Gearbox repair
  • Bearing housing repair
  • Rotor and shaft repair and manufacture
  • Rotating equipment repair
  • Plating repair

From precision measurements to extending component life or guaranteeing safety and performance, Atlantic Hardchrome is your trusted partner for all equipment service needs. We uphold our commitment to quality work, exceptional service, and your enduring success.

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