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Industry Overview

The Construction, Heavy Equipment, and Mining industries are instrumental in building infrastructure, moving earth, and extracting vital resources. The nature of their operations — erecting a skyscraper, moving massive payloads, or delving deep beneath the surface — demands robust, resilient, and reliable machinery.

At the forefront of these industries, we offer specialized machining solutions. With our experienced team, we ensure each component, regardless of size or complexity, meets the highest standards of precision and quality.

We specialize in rejuvenating worn-out parts, fabricating new components from scratch, enhancing operational efficiency, prolonging equipment lifespan, and boosting productivity. Whether it involves reinforcing machinery for construction projects or optimizing mining equipment for demanding subterranean conditions, our commitment is to excellence in every task we undertake.


Robust Machining Services for Building Infrastructure

In the construction industry, machinery must be both resilient and dependable. With our precision machine shop services, we deliver machining solutions tailored to these stringent requirements, ensuring the consistent performance and longevity of every crucial component.

Construction Machinery

Strengthened Solutions for Optimum Performance

Our machining services, blending the best of rapid response and precision work, yield robust and superior components crucial for construction machinery. From foundational structures to intricate hydraulic systems, our expertly devised parts hold up against the challenges of the construction site, facilitating seamless operations and timely project completion.

Heavy Equipment 

Precision Machining Services for Industry Giants

The titans of industry, like cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, require components that can withstand the stress of heavyweight tasks. Our specialized machining solutions, harnessing our precision machine shop expertise, make sure every part, regardless of size, boosts the efficiency and reliability of these industrial giants.

Heavy Equipment Machinery

Engineered for Superior Performance

Our precision machining services deliver durable and high-performance components that ensure the optimum functionality of heavy equipment. Through meticulous crafting and refurbishment, we provide parts that enable these powerful machines to perform at their best, even in the most demanding conditions.


Advanced Machining for High-Stress Environments

The Mining industry requires high-quality, precision-crafted components that can withstand harsh operational environments. We meet these needs by creating parts that not only enhance the performance of mining machinery but also extend their operational lifespan.

Mining Equipment

Manufacturing for Exceptional Performance

We offer precision machine shop solutions that address the industry's demands for precision, reliability, and durability. Our contributions to the production of robust and efficient mining equipment ensure these machines can effectively operate under challenging subterranean conditions.

Tailored Services for Specific Industry Demands

Atlantic Hardchrome extends its expertise across domains with an array of specialized services:

  • Wheel spindles, hubs and housings
  • Yokes
  • Drive shafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Trunnion and pinion housings and spindles
  • Front and rear suspension components
  • Hoist and hydraulic cylinders
  • Steering components
  • Rear drive repair and machining
  • Brake housings and plates
  • Planetary housings
  • Complete sub-frame machining (44,000 lb. Capacity CNC milling)
  • CNC machining (turning to 14,000 lb. and milling to 44,000 lb.)
  • Conventional machining and grinding
  • Crusher component repairs
  • Metso approved machining facility
  • Plating repair
  • CMM inspection
  • NDT inspection
  • Hydrostatic testing

Whether it's precision measurements, extending component life, or guaranteeing safety and performance, Atlantic Hardchrome is your trusted partner for all equipment repair needs. We uphold our commitment to quality work, exceptional service, and your enduring success.

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