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Pulp & Paper

Industry Overview

The pulp and paper and forestry sectors are interdependent, with each one's operations heavily reliant on durable, high-performing machinery. The forestry industry is the primary supplier of raw materials for the pulp and paper sector. It involves intensive machinery use for timber harvesting and processing, which forms the foundation for numerous downstream industries.

Similarly, the pulp and paper industry transforms wood into a multitude of products, from newspapers to packaging materials. The complex transformation process involves a vast range of paper manufacturing machinery, which requires high performance, durability, and longevity like its counterparts in the forestry sector. Atlantic Hardchrome offers bespoke machining solutions designed to meet these exact needs, enhancing operational efficiency, and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Pulp & Paper

High-Quality Machining Services for Continuous Operations

The pulp and paper industry produces a broad array of products that support various sectors of the economy. This transformation from raw wood to diverse products demands paper manufacturing machinery that can withstand the rigours of continuous operations, abrasive materials, and corrosive chemicals.

Equipment in Pulp & Paper Production

Maximizing Efficiency and Durability

Key equipment such as digesters, refiners, and rotary feeders drive the pulp and paper industry. Ensuring these components, crucial parts of the paper manufacturing machinery, function at their peak is essential. Atlantic Hardchrome provides meticulous CNC machining services and specializes in the repair of obsolete equipment. Our expertise extends to rotor and shaft repair and manufacture, plating repair, component repair, and component manufacture to spec.

Additionally, we offer CMM and NDT inspection to ensure the quality and integrity of the paper manufacturing machinery components. With Atlantic Hardchrome, you're investing in longevity, efficiency, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Dependable Machining Solutions for Tough Operations

The forestry industry provides the raw material that many downstream industries, including pulp and paper, rely upon. This sector's machinery must withstand demanding conditions, facing the dual challenge of maintaining production efficiency while ensuring environmental sustainability. 

Durable Forestry Machinery

Ensuring Peak Performance

Harvesters, forwarders, and skidders are integral to forestry operations. Atlantic Hardchrome offers specialized services like gearbox repair, bearing housing repair, and crankshaft repair and manufacture to maintain these machines.

Conventional machining and grinding, combined with our cylinder repair, manufacture, and design services, ensure that the forestry machinery operates under optimal conditions regardless of the challenging environments they face.

Comprehensive Machining Services for Pulp & Paper and Forestry Industries

We offer a broad suite of services, precisely adapted to meet the demanding needs of the pulp and paper and forestry industries. Our specialties include:

  • CNC machining
  • Conventional machining and grinding
  • Cylinder repair, manufacture and design
  • Gearbox repair
  • Bearing housing repair
  • Rotor and shaft repair and manufacture
  • Rotating equipment repair
  • Plating repair
  • Repair of paper manufacturing machinery
  • Pump rotors
  • Rotary fuel feeders
  • Chip feeders
  • Crankshaft repair and manufacture
  • Component repair
  • Component manufacture to spec
  • CMM inspection
  • NDT inspection
  • Hydrostatic testing

With Atlantic Hardchrome as your trusted partner, you get comprehensive solutions for all your machinery needs in the pulp and paper and forestry sectors. We stay true to our commitment to unmatched service, exceptional quality, and your lasting success. Navigate the demanding terrain of these industries confidently with Atlantic Hardchrome by your side.

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