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Industry Overview

In the ever-evolving sphere of defence, nations are constantly challenged to stay ahead. Atlantic Hardchrome ensures that defence manufacturing solutions are rooted in precision, reliability, and adaptability, backed by our specialized services.

Land Systems

Fortifying Terrestrial Might

Land-based defence isn't just about mobility; it's about ensuring the optimal functioning of logistical vehicles, engineering equipment, and transportation assets. Precision engineering and maintenance become paramount, with all defence components playing a vital role in operations.

Ground Vehicles & Support Systems

The Backbone of Land Operations

From armoured personnel carriers to bridging vehicles, the intricacies of their mechanisms require top-tier defence manufacturing solutions. Our specialized component repair and CNC machining services ensure that land vehicles move efficiently, stay resilient against wear and tear, and remain adaptive to varying terrains.

Naval Defence 

Mastering the Seas

In the vastness of the world's oceans, naval vessels are more than just combat units; they're symbols of a nation's maritime prowess and presence. Every ship, whether it's for patrolling territorial waters or conducting humanitarian missions, relies on the impeccable functioning of its defence components.

Maritime Machinery:

Ensuring Naval Supremacy

From propulsion systems of patrol vessels to the desalination units on larger ships, every defence component's smooth operation is crucial. Atlantic Hardchrome's defence-approved plating, actuator and cylinder repair, and conventional machining ensure that maritime assets remain operational, efficient, and prepared for any maritime challenge.

Aerospace & Air Defence

Dominating the Skies

The realm of aerospace defence transcends combat. It's about reconnaissance, communication, transportation, and strategic oversight. In this high-altitude, high-stakes environment, aircraft need to be reliable, safe, and versatile.

Flight Mechanisms

Soaring Above Challenges

Whether it's the landing gear system of a transport aircraft or the turbine blades of a helicopter, every part plays a critical role in ensuring successful missions. With services like function testing, hydrostatic testing, and defence components manufactured to specifications, Atlantic Hardchrome aids in ensuring that these flying machines remain at their peak performance.

Military & Defence Machining Services

Beyond the broad sectors within defence, Atlantic Hardchrome provides specialized services tailored for the defence sector:

  • Repair of defence components
  • CNC machining
  • Conventional machining and grinding
  • Defence approved plating
  • Actuator & cylinder repair, manufacture & design
  • Strip & survey
  • Level 1 component repair & manufacture
  • Function testing and hydrostatic testing
  • Remanufacture of obsolete OEM defence components
  • Component manufacture to specifications
  • CMM inspection
  • Defence-approved NDT inspection

Atlantic Hardchrome stands as a trusted partner in the defence sector, where precision is pivotal. Our specialized services ensure that defence manufacturing solutions are not just functional but exemplary. Partner with us for a secure and dominant future.

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