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816hp Gearbox

Tasked with the revitalization of an 816HP gearbox, Atlantic Hardchrome applied its full spectrum of diagnostic and restorative skills to this high-stakes project. The process unfolded as follows:

  • Comprehensive inspection and precise failure analysis culminating in a series of meticulous repairs.
  • Utilization of our in-house Non-Destructive Testing to uncover housing cracks, ensuring no fault went undetected.
  • Implementation of hard chrome repairs on bearing and seal surfaces, refined to their original dimensions for enhanced durability and performance.
  • Creation and approval of bespoke solutions for housing cracks and damaged output shaft threads, reinforcing the gearbox's integrity.
  • Replacement of compromised bearing covers with new, precisely machined counterparts from our own facility.
  • Detailed cleaning and inspection of the gearbox's lubrication system to certify optimal functionality upon reassembly.
  • Reassembly of the gearbox, incorporating all necessary pre-loads, paving the way for efficient installation and commissioning.
  • Execution of the entire repair process at a pace that significantly reduced anticipated downtime, restoring the gearbox to operational status within an impressive four-week timeframe.

Through this project, Atlantic Hardchrome not only restored a critical component but also reinforced our client's operational capacity with swift and solid repair workmanship.



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