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Large Hydraulic Pump Crankshaft

Addressing the challenge of a non-repairable, stress-cracked hydraulic pump crankshaft, Atlantic Hardchrome responded with an innovative remanufacturing solution:

  • Initial inspection revealed extensive stress cracking, rendering the original crankshaft beyond repair
  • A proposal for a newly manufactured crankshaft, leveraging our in-house capabilities, was promptly approved by the client
  • The new crankshaft was forged, ensuring superior durability, and underwent thorough NDT inspections both pre- and post-application of hard chrome plating to enhance wear resistance
  • Precision grinding delivered a perfectly balanced and smooth-finished crankshaft, surpassing the performance of the original OEM component
  • The client experienced a marked improvement in function and longevity, leading to further orders for replacement crankshafts for additional equipment, all delivered with expedited turnaround times

This project not only revived essential machinery but also set a new standard for component longevity and performance within the client's operations.

Applicable Industries

Forestry, Pulp & Paper



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