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Large Water Screen

Atlantic Hardchrome undertook the meticulous refurbishment of a critical 32-foot, 32,000-pound water screen, a project pivotal for our client, given its role as their sole spare. The extensive process included:

  • A full disassembly and comprehensive inspection to address every aspect of the water screen's repair needs
  • Thorough cleaning of all components, coupled with the manufacture of new adjustment shafts, bushings, support structures, and drive motor mounts to ensure renewed functionality
  • Sandblasting and recoating procedures to revitalize all components with a focus on durability and performance
  • Expert restoration of damaged bearing and seal surfaces, utilizing hard chrome plating and precision grinding to revert them to their original specifications
  • Provision of essential replacement parts, such as gearboxes and electric motors, affirming our commitment to a full-service solution
  • Reassembly of the water screen, prepping it for seamless reintegration and commissioning, significantly reducing the potential 9-month to 12-month downtime had a new unit been procured

This comprehensive repair was not just about restoration but enhancement, completed in a markedly expedited timeframe of four months, reflecting Atlantic Hardchrome's dedication to efficient, quality-driven service.

Applicable Industries

Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas



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