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Steam Reciprocating Pump

Confronted with a steam reciprocating pump needing repair and enhancements, the client turned to Atlantic Hardchrome for our proven expertise. Our team meticulously inspected the pump, diagnosing the frequent issues and proposing improvements that received immediate client approval. Our approach to revamping the pump included:

  • In-depth inspection and custom-tailored recommendations for repair and enhancements, addressing the client's need for robust solutions
  • In-house remanufacturing of all worn or damaged components to revive the pump's functionality
  • Redesign of pistons, cylinder sleeves, and rods to unify standards across compressor models, infusing hard chrome for superior wear resistance and extended component lifespan.
  • Comprehensive cleaning, sandblasting, and recoating of components to renew the pump's operational integrity
  • Strategic reassembly of the pump, ensuring readiness for seamless installation and commissioning

This initiative was pivotal for the client, whose operations were hindered by persistent pump failures. The first pump's restoration and subsequent performance assessment confirmed the efficacy of the upgrades, prompting the client to commission Atlantic Hardchrome to enhance their entire pump fleet. Additionally, we established an ongoing shaft program for the client's compressors, further exemplifying our commitment to delivering durable, cost-effective, and swift solutions for critical industrial equipment.

Applicable Industries

Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas



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