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Grinding & Precision Machining Services

Grinding & Machining

Grinding and machining are critical manufacturing processes that shape or cut materials using abrasives or cutting tools. Both require precision, expertise, and adaptability. At Atlantic Hardchrome, we leverage our deep-seated knowledge and skills to offer both services, ensuring every component we work on meets exacting specifications.

Atlantic Hardchrome has led the industry in providing high-quality grinding and precision machining services for years. Our skilled team and cutting-edge equipment ensure we deliver tailored and functionally superior components for our diverse clientele.

Manual Machining

We provide robust manual machining services. Our talented machinists excel at repairing, recreating, and fabricating precision machined parts.

Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical grinding Involves rotating the workpiece on its axis while our precise abrasive wheel cuts and shapes the material to the required specifications.

Internal Diameter Grinding

Removes material from the inside diameter of a part. This process is perfect for pre-plating worn surfaces or achieving tight tolerance dimensions post-plating.

Surface Grinding

Using a rotating abrasive wheel, we create a flat surface, ideal for providing a refined look and finishing your project.

Offset Grinding

Used for grinding centerless parts like crankshafts and eccentric diameters, this process is crucial for repairs and to prevent early wear and potential damage.

Large Capacity Machining

We have large-capacity engine lathes, milling machines, a horizontal boring mill, and hollow spindle/oil field lathes for handling sizeable projects.

Materials We Work With

Our precision machining shop is adept at working with a diverse range of materials, ensuring we can meet the specific requirements of your project. These include:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze
  • Brass
  • Plastics
  • Casted materials
  • Weldments
  • 17-4PH
  • Carbon Steels
  • Inconel
  • Tool Steel

Precise Grinding and Machining Specifications

We pride ourselves on precision. Our specifications include:

  • Cylindrical grinding with a 48″ swing and a 144″ stroke
  • Internal diameter grinding with a 48” swing and a 48” stroke
  • Vertical spindle grinding with a 48″ height and a 55″ diameter capacity
  • Surface grinding with a 16” wide x 60” stroke
  • Large turning centre with a 62″ diam. x 156″ and 14,000 lb.
  • Large milling centre with parts up to 156” x 108” x 84” and 44,000 lb.

Grinding, Machining and Their Roles in Various Industries

We cater to a wide range of industries, each with their unique demands and applications:


Our precision machining and grinding techniques give life to engine components, meeting the stringent standards of precision and uniformity within the aerospace industry.


Agriculture & Food Processing

In these sectors, we help shape the future of high-speed automated equipment, improving efficiency and productivity by producing precise parts.


Construction, Heavy Equipment, & Mining

With our robust and precise machining and grinding services, we contribute to constructing durable machinery capable of withstanding the harsh conditions these industries often encounter.


Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

Our services yield components that withstand extreme pressure and harsh environments, contributing to the resilience of drilling apparatus, power generation components, and other utilities.


Forestry, Pulp & Paper

We aid in the continued life of paper production machinery and robust forestry equipment, enabling efficient and reliable operations in the forestry and pulp and paper industries.


Industrial, Manufacturing, & Technology

In this integrated sector, grinding and machining are pivotal for ensuring precision and producing intricate components.


Marine, Aquaculture & Fisheries 

Our precise techniques produce durable, corrosion-resistant maritime equipment components, ensuring their longevity and reliability even in harsh saltwater environments.


Military & Defence

From the precision refinement of components for advanced weapons systems to the seamless shaping of parts for military vehicles and protective gear, our services bolster the strength and reliability of defence equipment.


Transportation & Automotive

Our services range from grinding and shaping integral engine components to refining minute elements of safety systems, contributing to the transportation industry’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.


Why Choose Atlantic Hardchrome for Your Grinding and Machining Needs?

With our extensive experience, we deliver precise, high-quality components on time and within budget. Our “All Under One Roof” approach means we can handle jobs typically requiring multiple specialty shops. Our commitment to precision machining and grinding quality sets us apart.

Are you ready to start a project or interested in learning more? Contact our sales team or request a quote today.

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