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NDT Testing & Inspection Services

Non-Destructive Testing

At Atlantic Hardchrome, we pride ourselves on our Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities. But we're about more than just implementing the latest techniques or utilizing the most advanced technology. What truly sets us apart is our understanding that in the realms of industry, the invisible defects can be the most destructive.

Just as a small leak can sink a great ship, a tiny imperfection can severely affect your components’ safety, reliability, and longevity. Recognizing this, we've made it our mission to uncover what's hidden.

Our inspection and NDT services, including corrosion testing, are not just about avoiding failures but are geared towards promoting operational excellence. Our technicians don't just identify anomalies; they're specialists in understanding the story behind each defect and its implications on your operations.

With Atlantic Hardchrome's inspection and NDT services, you're not just ensuring your components' structural integrity; you're partnering with a team dedicated to preserving the safety and efficiency of your operations. The true value of our services is realized in the enhanced performance, extended equipment life, and increased safety margins of your operations.

Visual Testing (VT)

One of the most common NDT methods, VT, involves a detailed visual examination of components to identify any visible defects.

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

This method uses a penetrating dye to detect surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials.

Hydrostatic Testing (HT)

A method using liquids or gases to confirm new and recycled components’ strength and sealing integrity.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Used primarily for ferrous materials, this method identifies surface and near-surface defects.

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

An electromagnetic method used to detect cracks and other defects in materials.


Uses computerized and hand-held metrology to inspect parts to their finest detail. 

Cutting-Edge NDT Equipment

At Atlantic Hardchrome, we use the latest NDT equipment to ensure accurate and reliable testing:

  • High-resolution video inspection systems
  • Advanced liquid penetrant testing tools
  • Magnetic particle inspection equipment
  • Hydrostatic testing tools
  • Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex V776 CNC CMM
  • Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500 Profilometer

Our Assurance 

Grinding, Machining and Their Roles in Various Industries

We cater to a wide range of industries, each with their unique demands and applications:


The aerospace industry demands impeccable precision. We provide NDT services that confirm the structural soundness and dependability of aircraft systems and components.


Agriculture & Food Processing

Reliable machinery is essential for consistent food production. We apply NDT to ascertain the safety and efficiency of these systems.


Construction, Heavy Equipment, & Mining

These industries rely on durable machinery. Our NDT services evaluate and identify the robustness and potential vulnerabilities of equipment.


Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

NDT is crucial, given these sectors’ high pressures and challenging conditions. We focus on gauging the strength and longevity of critical components for these industries.


Forestry, Pulp & Paper

Our NDT services assess and guarantee the performance of machinery and equipment in both paper production and forestry sectors.


Industrial, Manufacturing, & Technology

The fast-paced sectors of industry and tech hinge on flawless production. Our NDT services ensure the integrity and reliability of manufactured goods and advanced technology components.


Marine, Aquaculture & Fisheries 

Marine equipment is continuously exposed to corrosive forces. Our corrosion testing ensures equipment's durability and dependability in marine conditions.


Military & Defence

In defence, even minor flaws in equipment can lead to significant consequences. Our NDT services ensure the robustness and reliable performance of vital defence tools and systems.


Transportation & Automotive

Our NDT services evaluate and reinforce the safety, dependability, and functionality of components crucial for transportation.


Why Choose Atlantic Hardchrome for Your NDT Needs

Our unwavering dedication to safety, precision, and quality is what sets us apart. We offer comprehensive NDT services, including corrosion testing, all under one roof. Our team of experts is always ready to assist with their extensive knowledge and expertise.

For more information or to initiate your project, contact our sales team or request a quote today.

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